I'm a software developer living and working on California's central coast. I'm passionate about building software. Seriously, if you've got time to kill, we can talk about it for hours. I love building and planning applications large and small. I also get pretty excited about scrum, and am happy to talk for hours about whats worked for me and what hasn't. My favorite language is javascript, but C# is gaining ground.

I work at MINDBODY, maintaining and improving the core application. I lead a scrum team of comprised of equal parts developers and testers.


  • MINDBODY San Luis Obispo, CA
    May 2009 - present

    MINDBODY is an awesome software company in San Luis Obispo. They make software for people who make the world a healthier place. And MINDBODY is a healthy place to, with onsite yoga and massage :)

    I oversee a team of developers creating full stack solutions. We take real world observations, and plan and implement the solutions in two week sprint cycles.

    All new work is done in C#, JavaScript, HTML, & CSS. It's a .NET shop, so you know everything's stored in a MSSQL DB.

  • Inline Warehouse San Luis Obispo, CA
    June 2006 - May 2009

    Iniline Warehouse is one of the leading roller and ice hockey, and freestyle and fitness inline skating retailers.

    I served as the customer service manager for Inline Warehouse. I helped resolve customer disputes and dissatisfactions. I also supervised the warehouse and CSR staff. As the customer service manager, I created a proactive service model to deliver the best possible customer experience.

    From 2007 to 2008, I headed order fulfillment. This has given me a unique insight into credit card proccessing and inventory management.

  • Rancho Suspension Long Beach, CA
    May 2004-September 2004, May 2005-December 2005

    I spent 2 six month internships at Rancho Suspension. I had always wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer, especially for the automotive industry. While at Rancho, I was responsible for creating and revising technical drawings in SolidWorks and CadKey.

    Working at Rancho was an amazing experience, but the turnaround times from idea to product are what drove me to computer science.

  • Mainland Machine San Luis Obispo, CA
    June 2003-December 2003


  • BS Computer Science Grantham University
    July 2009

About me

I live and work in San Luis Obispo. I have two small dogs (no, smaller than that) whom I love to play with. I'm also an amateur bicycle collector.


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Clint Parker
San Luis Obispo, CA